The Mendon Public Library is proud to release a new book list for juvenile and young adult readers titled, “Books which promote the concepts of Tolerance, Respect, Dignity,  Awareness, and Sensitivity Toward Others for Juvenile and Young Adult Readers.”  This new list is a follow-up to last year’s younger reader book list titled,  “Stories to Promote Kindness, Friendliness, Understanding, and More Acceptance of Others.” 

Older elementary and middle school students plus their parents will find 20 books included on this new book list. Most are contemporary books and all are part of the Mendon Public Library collection.  For families with younger children, we’ve also included six picture books that share the same topics.

Look for both these book lists and the books they feature the next time you visit the Mendon Public Library.

The library thanks patron Lynn Shipe for her assistance with this important work.

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