Thomas Dooley

Board of Trustees Bios

Tom joined the Board in February 2022. He has participated in both the Long-Range Planning Committee and the Budget Committee.

Tom has a technical background and also holds a Masters of Business Administration. He also brings valuable skills developed from participation on other community boards, including project management, and his logical approach to problem solving.

“I view the library as one of the anchors for the community. When I saw there was an opening on the Board I felt my background could help.”

His community involvement is extensive. Tom is the current Chair of the Monroe County Environmental Management Council, and a member of the Rochester Museum and Science Center Technical Advisory Group. He has served as the Chair of the Mendon Environmental Conservation Board, and the Vice Chair of the United Way IT Advisory Committee, and leadership for 12 years in the of Boy Scouts in the Town of Mendon.

He has been a member of the Mendon Parks Committee, the Mendon Comprehensive Plan Update Committee, the Great Bend Park Committee, and the New Mendon Public Library Project Committee.

Tom enjoys spending his time with family, and engaging in his hobbies, travel and volunteering. He is married and his three grown children are all HF-L graduates. He has been in the Town of Mendon for over 38 years.