Local Artist Showcases Nature Photography at Mendon Public Library

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If you enjoy nature and appreciate it’s beauty, you won’t want to miss Ron Tyler’s first-ever photographic display.  Birds, butterflies, and even a shy squirrel are captured in this exhibit which features sites as close as Mendon Ponds Park and the Avon DEC, and as far away as the Iroquois Wildlife Refuge outside of Oakfield, NY.

Ron, who works in healthcare, came to photography during COVID as a means to escape into the outdoors, get fresh air, and enjoy a hobby he’d been developing since graduating high school.  Armed with a new digital camera, Ron discovered wonderful locations that he’d never visited before.  “The Owls in Fowlerville really hooked me on nature photography,” Ron said.  “Watching them fly overhead was as exciting to me as watching the Blue Angels.”

Ron’s favorite spots for photography include the DEC in Avon, Iroquois Wildlife Refuge, and Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge.  Someday soon, he hopes to plan a trip to his dream destination, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania.

“Taking these pictures has really been a dream come true,” Ron said.  “It’s exciting to get just the right shot. It’s like escaping into a new world – kind of like reading a book.”

Stop by anytime the library is open to catch Ron’s display.  It will be up by the circulation desk through the end of September.

While at the library, patrons are encouraged to check out a display provided by a local 4H Group.  Information about 4H Programs and Events and examples of different activities are featured.  Help yourself to a 4H brochure.