Local Teacher Michelle Garlock Shares Art at Mendon Public Library

Sep 2, 2021 | Recent News, Donate and Shop, Support the Library, Physical Spaces

Lima Christian Art Teacher, Michelle Garlock, is the featured artist at the Mendon Public Library this month. Patrons will enjoy her wide variety of wildlife art offerings. Falcons, buffalo, horses, and whales are just some of the animals featured in this small exhibit titled, “Creatures Great and Small.”

“I’m inspired by the opportunity to look at the beauty of Creation and by the privilege to create a reflection of it,” Michelle said.

“It is amazing what can be accomplished when given a blank piece of paper and a pencil. It is almost a magical experience seeing lines, jots, and squiggles become a buffalo, a bird, or a horse and I want others to have this experience too,” Michelle said. “I am passionate about teaching others that they too can draw. I firmly believe that if you have a passion to learn how to draw, then you can draw. You just need a good teacher to show you the techniques.”

Michelle creates in a variety of mediums from charcoal to pen and ink to oils. She even has some gem and wire necklaces that she’s offering for sale at $15/each as a benefit for the Friends of the Mendon Public Library.

If you are interested in taking a private art lesson or in purchasing a piece of art, please contact Michelle at 585-489-7817 or email her at mgarlock@limachristian.org.